Sunshine City Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro

This is a 2-day limited collaboration event with Sunshine City Prince Hotel.

Sunshine City Prince Hotel looks at the entire city as a spectacular view,
Taking advantage of the regional characteristics of Toshima Ward, which is promoting the ``International City of Arts and Culture,''
We have many event plans in collaboration with anime, games, art, etc.
This hotel offers a variety of "scenic experiences" through these activities.
During the event period, Claude Monet's masterpiece will be displayed on the first floor of the hotel.
We have set up a huge photo spot of "Water Lily Pond" .
Those who participate in the event will be able to hold the works they drew on the day.
You can also enjoy taking photos at photo spots .
Pairing wine with characteristics of painter Claude Monet
Please enjoy the hotel's special parfait inspired by water lilies .

[Reservations start at 12:00 NOON on June 30th]

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