About Us

artwine.tokyo: A place to return to artists

"Every child is an artist." It was Picasso who said that.
Those days when I used to run crayons all over the drawing paper.
By drawing what you like, you will like it even more. That's how children get to know themselves.
Free imagination and expression were, above all, just for myself.

but. When I grew up, drawing became a "professional" job, and drawing paper was replaced by computers and smartphones.
Every day is a busy one, taking time for someone else. There is purpose and fulfillment in life, though.
Sometimes I feel like my heart is becoming hard and stiff.

We want to provide such people with a place where they can return to being artists.
I want you to move your paintbrush freely, face your heart, and fill the white canvas.
I want you to unwind your heart in this way.
I hope the creativity unleashed in this way enriches your days.

artwine.tokyo wants to be an atelier that colors your life.

Company introduction

Company name: Artwine Co., Ltd.
Representative: Co-representative Junki Kanda, Yuki Nagame
Store name: artwine.tokyo
Address: Room 205, Hanazono Alley, 3-3-9 Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0008

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artwine.tokyo
Email: artwine.tokyo@gmail.com (To Nagame, co-representative)