【日本橋】3月21日 (木) | フルイドアート (Fruid Art at Nihon-bashi)
【日本橋】3月21日 (木) | フルイドアート (Fruid Art at Nihon-bashi)
【日本橋】3月21日 (木) | フルイドアート (Fruid Art at Nihon-bashi)
【日本橋】3月21日 (木) | フルイドアート (Fruid Art at Nihon-bashi)
【日本橋】3月21日 (木) | フルイドアート (Fruid Art at Nihon-bashi)
【日本橋】3月21日 (木) | フルイドアート (Fruid Art at Nihon-bashi)
【日本橋】3月21日 (木) | フルイドアート (Fruid Art at Nihon-bashi)
【日本橋】3月21日 (木) | フルイドアート (Fruid Art at Nihon-bashi)
【日本橋】3月21日 (木) | フルイドアート (Fruid Art at Nihon-bashi)

【日本橋】3月21日 (木) | フルイドアート (Fruid Art at Nihon-bashi)

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Less interested in technical painting?
Then our Fluid Art workshop is just for you.


Fluid Art, also known as liquid art or acrylic pouring, is a style of painting that uses very runny consistency of acrylic paint to create abstract designs.
Since Fluid Art only requires paint and a canvas, it's an activity that even children will enjoy.


If you would like to bring your child along, after making your reservation, please send us an email (artwine.tokyo@gmail.com) with your name, the number of children you would like to bring, and their respective ages.
One child can join per one adult reservation.

We provide all the necessary materials, including an apron, so you don't have to worry about preparing anything!


***After production, this piece requires several days of drying. After a drying period of 48 hours or more, please come to the store for pickup, or we can arrange delivery with payment upon receipt.


artwine.tokyo 日本橋店
東京都中央区日本橋久松町4‐12 コスギビル5階


artwine.tokyo Nihonbashi
Kosugi building 5F, Hisamatsu-cho 4-12, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

artwine.tokyo 日本橋店(Googleマップ)

地下鉄浅草線 東日本橋駅 徒歩3分
Asakusa Line→walk for 3 minutes.

東京メトロ 日比谷線 小伝馬町駅 徒歩9分
Tokyo Metro→Hibiya Line→Kodenmacho Station→ walk for 9 minutes.



Materials & Services Provided:
- Step-by-step painting instructions
Apron & arm covers, painting materials (brushes, canvas, paint, etc.)
※Wine is not included for this session.

On the day of the workshop:
We will start promptly at the scheduled time, so please arrive with some extra time to spare. If you will be arriving late for the workshop, please send an email to us at artwine.tokyo@gmail.com.

Even if you arrive late, the event will proceed as scheduled. Due to the limited number of instructors, there may be cases where attendees who arrive late cannot receive the same advice as those who arrive on time, but please note that the ending time will not be changed.

Regarding Participation with Children:
For those who wish to participate with their children, please, after making a reservation, contact us at our email address (artwine.tokyo@gmail.com) with your order number, the name of the person making a reservation, and the age and number of children.
We allow one child to participate per one adult attendee.

Regarding on-the-day reservations for workshops:
We accept on-the-day reservations for workshops up to one hour before the workshop starts. While the website's system may allow reservations beyond that time, we generally decline applications made after the one-hour mark. This is to avoid potential disruptions to other participants due to insufficient preparation. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.


A glass of our specially paired wine.