【上野/根津】4月28日 (日) 10:00-12:00 | 抽象画・アルコールインクアート (Alcohol Ink Art at Ueno/Nezu)
【上野/根津】4月28日 (日) 10:00-12:00 | 抽象画・アルコールインクアート (Alcohol Ink Art at Ueno/Nezu)
【上野/根津】4月28日 (日) 10:00-12:00 | 抽象画・アルコールインクアート (Alcohol Ink Art at Ueno/Nezu)
【上野/根津】4月28日 (日) 10:00-12:00 | 抽象画・アルコールインクアート (Alcohol Ink Art at Ueno/Nezu)
【上野/根津】4月28日 (日) 10:00-12:00 | 抽象画・アルコールインクアート (Alcohol Ink Art at Ueno/Nezu)
【上野/根津】4月28日 (日) 10:00-12:00 | 抽象画・アルコールインクアート (Alcohol Ink Art at Ueno/Nezu)
【上野/根津】4月28日 (日) 10:00-12:00 | 抽象画・アルコールインクアート (Alcohol Ink Art at Ueno/Nezu)

【上野/根津】4月28日 (日) 10:00-12:00 | 抽象画・アルコールインクアート (Alcohol Ink Art at Ueno/Nezu)

通常価格 ¥6,600
単価  あたり 

残り席数: 15


Less interested in technical painting?
Then our Alcohol ink art workshop is just for you.


Alcohol Ink Art is a style of abstract painting that uses a mixture of ethanol alcohol and alcohol-infused inks.
By blending various layers of ink together across a flat surface, a variety of patterns can be created.
A unique characteristic of this technique is that the ink dries in a manner of seconds.
We have dozens of colors to choose from, leaving you endless possibilities to express your individual creativity. No two finished pieces are alike, and we look forward to seeing what masterpieces you create!

***Size: F0 Panel


Artwine アトリエ
東京都台東区池之端3丁目3−9 花園アレイ205号室

Artwine Atelier
Hanazono Alley Room 205, 3-3-9 Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo

artwine.tokyo 上野根津店(Googleマップ)

東京メトロ 千代田線 根津駅 
2番​出口 徒歩4分
Tokyo Metro→Chiyoda Line→Nezu Station, 2nd Exit→ walk for 4 minutes.

JR 上野駅 山下口 動物園通り経由 徒歩11分
JR Ueno Station→Yamashita Exit→follow Doubutsuen-dori for about 11 minutes.

京成本線京成上野駅 池の端口 徒歩10分
Keisei Main Line, Keisei-Ueno Station→Ikenohaguchi→walk for 10 minutes.

東京メトロ 銀座線/日比谷線 上野駅 8番出口 徒歩12分 
Tokyo Metro→Ginza Line/ Hibiya Line→Ueno Station Exit 8→walk for 12-minutes.

More information here


At artwine, everyone is welcome. Never picked up a brush before? Not to worry—our instructors will walk you through each and every step. Perhaps you already have experience painting but want to sit back, relax, and see what new ideas flow through the brush. No two paintings are alike, and we encourage you to explore your own sense of style and creativity. We take care of all the materials and preparation so that you can have the most relaxing experience possible. By the end, you’ll have completed your very own version to bring home with you.


・おつまみ など

Materials & Services Provided:
- Step-by-step painting instructions
Apron & arm covers, painting materials (brushes, canvas, paint, etc.)
Sturdy bag to safely bring your painting home
Wine especially selected by our in-house sommelier
Light refreshments (rice crackers, sweets)


On the day of the workshop:
We will start promptly at the scheduled time, so please arrive with some extra time to spare. If you will be arriving late for the workshop, please send an email to us at artwine.tokyo@gmail.com.

Even if you arrive late, the event will proceed as scheduled. Due to the limited number of instructors, there may be cases where attendees who arrive late cannot receive the same advice as those who arrive on time, but please note that the ending time will not be changed.

For customers who have made individual reservations and are coming with two or more people:
If each person has made individual reservations and you wish to sit with friends or family at neighboring tables, please contact us at our email address (artwine.tokyo@gmail.com)with the reservation number and the names of your accompanying guests clearly stated.

Regarding Participation with Children:
For those who wish to participate with their children, please, after making a reservation, contact us at our email address (artwine.tokyo@gmail.com) with your order number, the name of the person making a reservation, and the age and number of children.
We allow one child to participate per one adult attendee.

Regarding on-the-day reservations for workshops:
We accept on-the-day reservations for workshops up to one hour before the workshop starts. While the website's system may allow reservations beyond that time, we generally decline applications made after the one-hour mark. This is to avoid potential disruptions to other participants due to insufficient preparation. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.


Canceling a reservation
Reservations can be cancelled at no cost up until 3 days before the workshop.
Please send us an email specifying the date and time of the reservation, the name of the person who made the reservation, and the number of people.
Please note that 100% of the fee will be charged for cancellations made after 3 days before the workshop.
Re-scheduling the date is also available until 3 days prior to the event.

A glass of our specially paired wine.

If you have not received a reservation email:
Please check your junk folder, as it may have been sent there. Your email may also be set up to not receive emails from "@gmail.com" addresses. If this is the case, please reset your email settings and contact us again.