■Tonegawa Yui / Tonegawa Yui

Born in Saitama Prefecture Joshibi University of Art and Design Junior College, Department of Painting Completed
Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Western Painting

An artist whose theme is ``confronting one's inner self,'' having been exposed to paintings and crafts since childhood, and fascinated by drawing ``realistic human bodies that are not skin toned.''

Studied oil painting since high school and was influenced by Tsuguharu Fujita, Paul Gauguin, Francis Bacon, Fuyuko Matsui, and others.

She is also a professional web/graphic designer and nail artist, and has designed many startup websites, music production jackets, flyers, logos, etc., and is also active as a nail artist at the nail salon "Apiege".

At ArtScenes, one of Japan's largest e-commerce startups specializing in art, which he joined in 2019 , he is working with galleries across Japan to develop the domestic art business.

While moving between the extremes of design, which emphasizes building relationships with others, and art, which emphasizes the release of one's inner self, he creates paintings based on the credo of ``enjoying what you like and are good at.''

■Chihiro Yamamoto/ Chihiro Yamamoto

Born in 1990 in Kanagawa Prefecture Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design High School

An artist whose theme is ` `the boundaries between the visible and the invisible, the abstract and the concrete, '' such as dreamscapes and mental landscapes.

"Emily Unguwarre" and "indigenous art," "Art Brut (raw art)," "John Lurie," "Yoko Ono," "Taro Okamoto," "Itaru Oki (jazz trumpeter)," etc. be influenced by.

After graduating, he was invited to participate in the artist-in-residence program ``Espace des arts sans frontière'' in Paris, France, where he worked together with international artists from various fields, including painters and contemporary musicians, and held many exhibitions.

After returning to Japan, he held a solo exhibition titled ``De jour comme de nuit'' at ``Amane Gallery'' in Yokohama.

2011 Yokohama Triennale collaboration program “New Town Dreaming”
2013 Saburo Miyamoto Drawing Grand Prize Exhibition ``Opening up tomorrow's expressions'' (Setagaya Art Museum),
2014 Selected for Tokyo Wonder Seed (Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya), Published in the Monthly Bijutsu March issue, Monthly Art Newcomer Award Exhibition (Ginza Fujii Gallery), Kobe Art Marche, Selected for 2014 Artist meets Gallery in KAM (Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel)
2015 First solo exhibition held at Ishigaki Memorial Museum of Art, Wakayama Prefecture
Many exhibits in Paris from 2016 to 2020
STUDIO Y3 (Kobe), affiliation


■Takahiro Ogawa / Ogawa Takahiro

Born in 1989 in Tokyo
Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Major in Oil Painting
Tokyo Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine

An artist who focuses on the spiritual world and physicality based on his awareness of the challenges of ``loneliness in society and the tragedy of not being socialized,'' and his own identity as an artist and medical worker.

He explores the possibility of healing people's hearts through the creation of works, using the method of ``using art to speak about social incidents that speak for trauma and suffering.''

He also has a deep knowledge of medical art that utilizes his expertise, and is in charge of illustrations for multiple medical papers.

He likes artists who accumulate history and incorporate it into their works, and works that are self-portraits/personal novels, and is influenced by Van Gogh, Hockney, the Beatles, Nirvana, Osamu Dazai, etc.

Instagram @rukiteru24